Even with excellent Comprehensive General Liability coverage the best contractors can be exposed to potential uninsured losses for damage to their work, loss of use due to impaired property, design errors or pollution liability.

Our Contractors Professional Liability Custom Turnkey Solution allows you to provide coverages to your insureds that are often only available for larger contracting risks, and at an affordable cost. Working on a ground-up quota share basis, we’re pleased to design programs that fit within your existing contractor book allowing you to protect, expand or grow your existing business.

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  • Be more valuable to your agents
  • Increase writings
  • Ground up QS, a side-by-side partnership
  • Boost retention
  • Expertise in contracting business to supplement your company strengths


  • Broad eligibility for small and medium-sized contractors
  • Job site pollution coverage including clean-up costs available
  • Mold buy-back available based on CGL approach
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Limits to match your primary GL