Liquor Liability coverage has consistently proven to be a bit of enigma for insurers over the years. It’s recognized as an essential coverage component for establishments selling, serving or furnishing alcoholic beverages; yet, many insurers have found this line of business to be troublesome.

Our Liquor Liability Custom Turnkey Solution is two-fold: it enables you to provide this much needed coverage while also greatly enhancing your efforts to profitably produce an additional revenue stream, all on a primary, ground-up quota share basis.

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  • Efficient product deployment
  • Increase writings
  • Boost Retention
  • Builds on your class expertise
  • Ground-up QS expertise
  • Offensive & Defensive offering
  • A committed partnership


  • Limits management and specific expertise required
  • 50 different sets of duties and standards established through dram shop statues and case law
  • High-risk establishments, patrons, and juristictions
  • State specific degrees of liability from limited to strict