Every service business has a liability exposure and they face rising litigation alleging negligence, fraud and personal injury. And while many claims are groundless, litigation costs are substantial, continue to escalate and may put a smaller insured out of business.

Our Miscellaneous Professional Liability Custom Turnkey Solution allows you to easily attach MPL coverage to a BOP, CPP, CGL or WC policy in a cost and efficient manner. Primary, ground-up quota share options are available.

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  • Be more valuable to your agents
  • Increase writings
  • Ground up QS, a side-by-side partnership
  • Boost retention
  • Efficient Product Implementation Process


  • Over 325 eligible classes with broad definition of professional services
  • Comprehensive coverage form
  • Disciplinary proceedings and punitive damages
  • E&O coverage for financial loss
  • Claims made trigger for all classes and occurrence for some classes