Commercial Cyber Solution

Designed for small business, our portfolio turn-key approach addresses cyber security exposures by providing broad and affordable coverage to protect your insureds. We provide flexible and innovative options which are available for first and third party including business interruption.

Nearly every business has an exposure that could shut them down. Collaboration and flexibility are the hallmarks of our successful partnerships. Our approach provides you a unique and efficient solution for your insureds needs.

We’re pleased to partner with CyberScout, the nation’s premier provider of identity theft and data breach management and resolution services. CyberScout partners with over 45% of the P&C insurance marketplace including 16 of the top 20 US-based insurers. Our partnership provides alternative claims solutions, easy implementation, underwriting and agent training and fully integrated claims and risk management platform with co-branded risk management tools to help insured’s pre and post breach.

  • Speed-to-Market and Flexible options
  • Rating options including flat composite rates or rates by class
  • Coverages include 1st party, 3rd party and business interruption
  • Embedded, opt-in or opt-out solutions available

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  • Be more valuable to your agents
  • Increase writings
  • Ground up QS, a side-by-side partnership
  • Boost retention


  • “First Discovered” trigger wording
  • Limits options including shared aggregate and dedicated limits
  • Extensive First Party privacy breach
  • Third Party wrongful acts: Network Security, Privacy & Media
  • Business Interruption is an option