A Turnkey Product from Berkley Re Solutions

Insureds rely on our industry to protect the most important things in their business and life. We can now help them in traumatic times of need.

Insureds don’t need to face this alone. Our experts hold the insureds hand and walk them through next steps. This new turnkey reinsurance program includes critical and expert crisis management services, robust business Interruption insurance protection and more.

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The 3 Core Pillars:


Expenses & Business Interruption


Crisis Management


Education Portal

Today’s Coverage Isn’t Enough

Typical general liability policies provide legal liability for a workplace violence event and Workers’ Compensation typically will respond to physical injuries. While that’s good, it’s not near enough to cover the realities of these events. Major gaps exist in underlying policies and insureds need help with education and risk management when an event happens.

Key Features:

  • Business Income
  • Crisis Management Expert
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Site Security Services
  • Bio-Hazard Clean-up Expenses
  • Burial Expenses
  • Reward Expenses
  • Temporary Expenses: Location & Employees
  • Travel Expenses
  • Educational Portal (Tools, Tips, Training, etc.)


  • Innovative coverages for real issues
  • Increase writings
  • Solve concerns your clients have right now
  • Boost retention
  • Designed for small business
  • Provides broad and affordable coverage


  • Rates, forms, manuals and guidelines
  • Filing support including assistance with answering state objections
  • Claims training and consultation
  • Marketing support and underwriting training